Interactive AR filters

#interactive design
#hand tracking

#digital materiality
#digital painting

Sampler is a research project focusing on experiments with digital materials.Based in Lens Studio, my AR filter collection is generated through hand tracking.It questions the natural property - “coldness” of digital materials.

Textured image & gifs
screenshot from Lens Studio.

Experiment 1 - Handtracking Test

Infinity materials generated through capturing hand movement -"hand painting" digital materials use static images as the core elements. The delay, mis-capturing, deviation, error breaks the "coldness" of the digital materials.



Experiment 2 - Handtracking - DigitalPainting - TextureMaking

Though using the same hand tracking method, material can be different when little changes happening.
Adding board to the vector element - enhance the graphic property.
Adding transparency to the vector element - can somehow connect the outcome image with attention property.