Pocket Kitchen

Prototype & Performance

#Critical Design
#Design Intervention
Pocket Kitchen is an alternative wearable that helps people cooking everywhere, with its giant pockets carrying condiments, pans, groceries. By re-imagining people's pocket volume, it reflects on the history and metaphor of existing pocket design -

1. Pockets give people the ability to move around.
2. Pockets as symbol of wealth and power.
3. Pockets provide people with the sense of independency.

It also brings up the question - what if domestic labor is no longer domestic.

Superpowers are relative.

It can be disclosed when part of the group are suppressed. The poignant contrast brings up the super. I looked into the history of women’s pockets - shrinked and even disappeared from nowadays clothes, which is way more smaller than men’s. Pocket is a symbol of wealth and power. It gives people the ability to move around and provide with the sense of independency and empowerment.

What if I can wear pockets with exaggerated volume?
Does it count as superpower?
What can I put into my pockets?
Does that mean an empowerment to the “objects”?