All U
Can Eat

Interactive Design
2021 - 2022

Collaborated with Christie Wu

#Snap Filter
#Augmented Reality
#Parade Design
#3D Design

Inspired by the day-to-day food delivery and diverse food culture of Los Angeles, All U Can Eat: a Parade of Fusion Cuisine Delivery  celebrates digital-first food culture with the most outlandish visual amalgamations of foods.

As the parade happens in augmented reality(based on Snap), All U Can Eat
is proposing the impossible in reality but visually striking food types by mixing matching various food textures and forms.

Featured on PARADE TOWN
at ArtCenter DTLA. 

Promo Video

Snap Filter Preview

Material Building + AR Filter Testing :
Test with car detection, 3D model animation, particle effect.

Food Building

Test with car detection trigger food 3D model animation,
sound trigger particle effects with utensils and sauces,
body detection trigger theme balloon and uniform (upper body segmentation).